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More than just a dog walker… we will be your dog’s friend and companion while you are at work! Like humans, dogs need to be fit and healthy. Exercises like running and walking not only keep your dog fit, but it also promotes proper mental balance. Lack of exercise can cause stress and frustration… which is why you come home to a destroyed shoe or the entire contents of your trash can on your living room floor!

Insured and bonded.
Serving Maryland regions of Pasadena, Riviera Beach, Lake Shore, Severna Park, Arnold, Millersville, Crownsville, parts of Glen Burnie, and parts of Annapolis north of Rt. 50.


MultiWalk SnowWalk Sit

Daily Dog Walking

While we do offer pet sitting, dog walking is really the “meat and potatoes” of what we do. Why? Because we care about the health of dogs and believe that daily exercise is essential to the pets’ health and longevity. Dog walking not only allows your dog to relieve themselves mid-day, but it also provides an outlet for their energy, provides both physical and mental stimulation, provides social interaction, and most importantly... it allows your dog to be… well… a dog! Dogs are working animals that need a purpose beyond sitting around or sleeping all day. Regular walks fulfill their natural roaming and exploring instincts.
Other benefits of dog exercise include: weight management, aids the digestive system, helps build trust with humans outside of your family unit, promotes strong bones and muscles, helps prevent heart disease, and combats destructive behavior (separation anxiety or attention-seeking behavior)
If the weather is very bad and your dog is unhappy being outside we may shorten the walk a bit and spend some time playing inside. Of course there are some dogs that love all weather (labs for example!) in which case we will not shorten their walk.

• 30 minute session (starting at $20)*
• 45 minute session (starting at $24)*

Hamsters Birds Cats

Pet Sitting

While you are away for the day or on vacation , why put your dog in a kennel when they can be in the comfort of their own home? Our visit will be full service… Aka: social time! Walking, feeding/fresh water, lots of play time. Our pet sitting service is not limited to dogs, we will also care for your cats, hamsters, birds, bunnies, and iguanas… you name it! One visit equals 30-45 minutes. Extended visit time is available for $10 for each additional half hour.

• 1 visit per day ($25)
• 2 visits per day ($45)
• 3 visits per day ($60) For multiple days, this is the minimum required for dogs without outdoor access
• 4 visits per day ($75)

Overnight Care

We stay in your home with your pet overnight while you are away. Overnight care includes a single visit during the day. Additional visits during the day available upon request.

• Overnight stay including 1 visit during the day ($75)

All services include cleaning water bowls and providing fresh water after our walk, feeding (if instructed), play time, pet cleanup, loves, hugs, and belly rubs. Complementary services for pet sitting include watering plants, bringing in mail/packages, light and curtain rotation, caring for your fish or any other needs you request.

• Premium Services exclusively for regular Dog Walking Clients •

Boarding Boarding Boarding

Dog Boarding

Please contact us for more details on Dog Boarding.

Taxi Taxi Taxi

Pet Taxi

Please contact us for more details on Pet Taxi Service.

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syn·er·gy (snr-j)
n. pl. syn·er·gies
1. The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Synergy Pets, LLC is an insured and bonded, premium dog walking and pet sitting service based in Pasadena, Maryland. We are dedicated to providing quality pet care for the busy, on the go pet parents. We hold our name in the highest regard, therefore, your fur baby will always be treated as an individual and your home security is always first in mind.

In addition to daily dog walking and pet sitting, established clients also have access to premium services such as pet taxi, boarding, and shopping (food and medication pick up).

Problem? No problem... we got this!

Who is the Synergy Team?

About About About About

Hello, my name is Amanda. I founded Synergy Pets because, quite simply, I love animals. They say that the key to happiness is finding a job doing what you love… and that is what I have done. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing the wag of a tail when I walk into the door or the eager eyes of a dog ready for play time. I also have a passion for fitness, so it only makes sense that I combine my two loves into one career!

About About About About About About

Hello, I am April. I joined Synergy Pets in June 2016. I love playing and hanging out with animals and they seem to enjoy me as well! I have had pets all my life, including my cat of 20 years, Snowflake. I have experience caring for all sorts of pets such as dogs, lizards, snakes, frogs, birds, fish, and many small animals, but my specialty is cats. I look forward to meeting and caring for your pets!

About About About

Hello, I am Kat. I joined Synergy Pets in October 2017.

About About

Hello, I am Lilliam. I joined Synergy Pets in June 2018.

About About

Hello, I am Bryanna. I joined Synergy Pets in August 2018.

About About

Mike aka “Mr. Synergy”: is an IT professional who has taken on the task of building our website and most importantly, being a constant supporter, advisor, and cheerleader to Synergy Pets, as well as inclimate weather chauffeur. When he’s not working on computers, he enjoys spending time in the garage modifying his 4Runner to take us on off roading trips!


Riker: Riker is the unofficial “mascot” of Synergy Pets. Riker is a eight year old black Labrador Retriever mix we have had since he was a puppy. He enjoys playing with his stuffed carrot, chasing his ball through the snow, going on hikes in the mountains, swimming in lakes and streams, and joining us on our long car rides!

Kira: We added Kira to our family in early 2014. Kira was a shelter dog we adopted from BARCS animal shelter in Baltimore. Sweet Kira (aka, Squiggles or “Squiggs”), is a six year old pitbull mix. A true definition of a “lapdog”, she enjoys curling up in our lap for belly rubs, basking in the sunshine, and begging for Riker’s attention.


Shadow: We added Shadow to our family in mid 2015. Shadow was a rescue dog we adopted from the Big Apple. In 2018 we almost lost her and she was diagnosed with Addison's Disease. Since then she has bounced back and is doing better than ever. True to her name, Shadow is always ghosting someone. She is a seven year old cane corso.

Oswald: Another addition to our family... Oswald was a rescue dog we adopted from the BARCS animal shelter in Baltimore in early 2016. He is a four year old pitbull / boxer mix.




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